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the model number is: UN32J5500AF.i only start hearing this hight pitch ringing noise ever since i got this TV. i really like it its a new TV but that noise i...
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Jun 05, 2010 · Pdiddy asked in Computers & Internet Hardware Monitors · 1 decade ago Why on earth is my 1525 Inspiron Dell laptop making a high pitched buzzing noise coming from my computer?!?!?!? This happens when ever my computers on, but the sound becomes louder and more audio able when I plug it in.,1999:blog-6990922282297797213.post559212024681678378..comments 2020-07-27T00:56:11.323-07:00 2020-07-27T00:56:11.323-07:00 Then it turned into a very high pitched noice, that wouldnt stop. So my husband took over. He got the sound to work on shows/music. It will give me the high pitch noise (the sound is like a million crickets being murdered). Does anyone know how to properly resolve this issue with out temp fixes?
Some viewers find the high pitch whine of the color wheel to be an annoyance. However, the drive system can be engineered to be silent and some projectors don't produce any audible color wheel noise. Dithering noise may be noticeable, especially in dark image areas. Newer (post ~2004) chip generations have less noise than older ones.
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